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This weekend in history…

On Sunday we took Lenny to two playgrounds. In London Fields I kicked his little soccer ball up into a tree and it got stuck there.

Today in history

I swallowed a fly while cycling past The Eagle on City Road, the very pub name-checked in the nursery rhyme ‘Pop Goes The Weasel’. I don’t know why.

Lenny saw a dog across the park and shouted ‘dog’ so loud the owners jumped, despite being some distance away.

Song of the day:

Today in history

I learned that New Zealand House on Haymarket is built on the site of the former Carlton Hotel, where a young Ho Chi Minh worked as a dishwasher.

I was passed by a police man in a police van texting as he sped down Hackney Road

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Space Ghost

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What Is Happiness?

A person is happiest when three basic psychological needs are satisfied: autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

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