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Essential hippy DIY guide to building your own geodesic dome

Lloyd Kahn’s Domebook:



Saving Tomato Seed

The first thing to do is to pick some nice, ripe Tomatoes (check). Cut them in half and scoop out the seeds. Put these into a jar and place in a warm cupboard to ferment – or get mouldy in plain terms. After about a week the jelly-like substance will have err.. rotted off. Nice huh?

via My Tiny Plot » Blog Archive » Saving Tomato Seed.

Tea Rose Home: Tutorial ~ Five Kitchen Towels Dress ~

I found this kitchen towel bundle for pretty good price (it was originally $16 and I got it for $8!). I had an idea of what I wanted to do with them…

via Tea Rose Home: Tutorial ~ Five Kitchen Towels Dress ~.

Lumi – Dry-Erase Doodle Pillow

All you need for this project is Inkodye, a glass plate (I got mine from a picture frame) and a black Expo marker. I recommend using Expo brand markers specifically because they block sunlight really well (you could also use a transparency instead of a glass plate).

via Lumi – Dry-Erase Doodle Pillow.

How-To: Scrambled Egg … Still Inside The Shell

Instructables user, ATTILAtheHUNgry, shows how to use a simple length of tights or nylons to scramble an egg while it’s still inside its shell and then hard boil it.

via How-To: Scrambled Egg … Still Inside The Shell blog.

Terry Gilliam – DIY Monty Python animations

Terry Gilliam explains the secrets of the Monty Python animations

via Terry Gilliam – Monty Python animations – YouTube.

Baby Soft Block with Ribbon Tutorial

These blocks are pretty easy to make and are a really great handmade baby gift.

via Zaaberry: Baby Soft Block with Ribbon Tutorial.

Etsy wall-hanging bike rack from BikeHacks

“…two simple but effective bike part repurposing solutions.  First off is a wall bike rack…”

via Etsy Bike Items – BikeHacks.

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