Maybe I’m not gonna get any more CDs from the newspaper? It’s been two weeks… Have I been punished for being rude about major label faves? Surely not – I was never that rude. Whatever the reason, it feels like perhaps my run of ‘big time’ music journalism is at an end, no more voluntary work for Rupert Murdoch. I’ll have to go help sick children and refugees or something, to fill the void.

Nevertheless, in the interests of contributing something positive, here are a few recent acquisitions (things I picked up after trading in my review copies). I’m too lazy to say anythign about them, but they’re all fine, fine albums:

Electrelane – The Power Out – Too Pure
Life WIthout Buildings – Any Other City – Tugboat
Optimo – How To Kill The DJ Pt 2 – Tigersushi

Also I saw the three Agnes Varda short films this morning – first festival experience for me – and they were bloody great. Too braindead to say more…

One thought on “G00D SH1T

  1. stephen says:

    Dude, you effectively slaughtered two sacred cows with one RPG and left them thrashing, bubbling, drowning in the shallows. (I’m talking about your review of the Haines/NZSO disc here). I’m imagining the A+R people from Festival have got a contract out on you right now – let alone demanding that you never be let near any of their releases ever again. It was probably all downhill from there…

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