World Health Organisation Oral Rehydration Tonic

Re: Steve C’s request for a hangover cure, here’s the only thing I’ve ever known to actually work. And, as you will note, it is equally effective for children suffering from diarrhoea. Eternal thanks to Stacey for putting us on to this one.

All you do is mix yourself up a glass and knock it back before you go to bed, and your brain gets dehydrated while you sleep (more effectively than if you were to just drink a whole lot of water).

N.B. Don’t drunkenly mix up the ingredients/quantities as I once did – six teaspoons of salt and one of sugar in a glass of warm water not sure a hangover but will burn your throat and induce puking, spitting and cussing.

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) with home made solution

Dehydration on account of diarrhoea in children is widely seen mostly in the developing nations. It is reported that about one in four children die under five due to diarrhoeal diseases, mainly from dehydration in such countries. Such deaths can be prevented by Oral Rehydration Therapy.

A fairly satisfactory solution for oral rehydration can be prepared at home by mixing 6-8 level teaspoon of sugar (40 gm of sucrose), one level teaspoon of common salt with or without a lemon squeezed in one litre of clean water.

Alternatively a pinch of table salt and 2 teaspoon full of sugar are mixed in a glass of water.

The right dosage is about 1/2 a glass after every loose motion for children below the age of one year and one glass for children above one year. However the child with diarrhoea also needs other food. Although it is seen that a child with diarrhoea shows less appetite, it should be pursuaded to eat at least in small quantities as frequently as possible. Such foods given during diarrhoea can be soft, well-mashed mixture of cereals & beans or well-mashed fish/meat. Fruits and yoghurt (curds) are good.

The ORS solution can be used both for diarrhoea and dehydration as well as its prevention. In case the diarrhoea continues the child should be immediately taken to a doctor at the earliest. One must also remember that diarrhoea can be prevented by breast-feeding, keeping the food and water clean, washing hands before having our food and also by vaccinating the children against measles.

Source: Department of Paediatrics, Sevakshetra Hospital

Canara Bank Relief and Welfare Society, 2002

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